Phi Delta Kappa is composed of outstanding men and women in education. The University of Connecticut Chapter comprises members of the teaching profession whose leadership has been recognized. Its members include classroom teachers, school administrators, college and university professors, and educational specialists of many types. There is a camaraderie in this Chapter based on a common interest in the promotion of free public education. Through research, service, and leadership, Phi Delta Kappa makes possible group action to promote and advance quality education for the student, the home, and the school.

Our Jurisdiction and Area

The UConn Chapter, a part of PDK International’s District VI-A, is one of eight chapters in the state and the only chapter “east of the Connecticut River.” It is our good fortune to have The University of Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Connecticut College , all with accredited teacher education programs, within our immediate geographical area. With no active Chapter in Rhode Island as of this time, we also draw some of our members from that state.

Chapter Reavis Reading Areas

The Chapter maintains four active Reavis Reading Areas. They are located at the University of Connecticut Library (Storrs), the Vernon Public Schools District Office, the Putnam Public Schools District Office, and Eastern Connecticut State University Library. Each area contains copies of most PDK Foundation fastbacks and books.

Our Goal

It is our hope that as our members integrate technology in their practice, they will use this particular medium to cut through time and space to focus on the goals of Phi Delta Kappa:

To promote free public education as essential to the development and maintenance of a democracy through the continuing interpretation of the ideals of research, service, and leadership and the translation of these ideals into a program of action appropriate to the needs of public education.

Please join us through this site to become better informed about our particular chapter and more closely link members to action!

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